Hip Hop Concert Attire


Q- I’m going to a Hiphop (RockTheBells) concert and I don’t know what I should wear!! Basically its going to start in the afternoon to 10:30PM. I have a few ideas already but I’m still unsure. I’ve been to concerts before but not ones that last 10+ hours. I’m thinking to wear some casual gladiator patent black buckle heels but what do u think? Should I wear sneakers? I don’t know please give me ideas!!

A- I am all about being ridiculous and wearing heels to events where heels don’t belong, but this time I am not going to recommend that. You need to be stylish and comfortable instead. Wear some really cute sneakers or combat boots (my new favorite shoe.) I am actually thinking you should wear some hot looking leggings, combat boots, and a really stylish hoodie. Something like this:

PS- How sexy is that Bordelle hoodie? Ridiculous, right?! Love it.

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