Happy Birthday Betsey!!


Today was Betsey Johnson’s LA birthday party, so of course I had to be there. The party started at 5pm but I wanted to get there early so I could try on some clothes and play with my favorite Betsey girls (although my most favorite in the world no longer works there.)


All of the clothes in the store were amazing. The vintage skull pieces, fun florals, and the much anticipated Betsey Johnson for Opening Ceremony. I had the most fun with the Opening Ceremony pieces. The nearly passed out over the crazy fur sleeved dress, if I had $550 to blow it so would have been mind. The little pencil skirt and cherry print top were favorites of mine too. BUT my ultimate favorite turned out to be the long sleeved zip front mini dress. The dress is seriously HOT and super versatile.


Once the clock struck 5pm, I tucked my favorite little dress behind the register and anxiously waited for Betsey to arrive. Moments later she came dancing through the door in her black sequin leggings, pink blinged out tee, and chartreuse jacket.

Betsey was amazing as usual. She said a few words and told us that the next collection is going to be the best one yet. I for one can’t wait.


Anyways, the party was nuts. There was a line around the block for people who wanted Betsey’s autographed. Everyone there was dressed all crazy cool. The DJ was blasting music for all of Melrose to hear. All in all – good times were had by all.

PS- Forgot to tell you the best part — I left the party without buying the dress in an attempt to keep on my shopping diet. Halfway down La Brea, I turned the car around and sped back to the store. The dress was so incredibly wonderful, limited edition, and fabulous on me that I would be a fool not to get it. SO GLAD I went back for it too. I basically want to live in it. Its the most amazing dress ever in life.

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