Getting People Excited About Fashion


Q- I live in Louisiana and there’s not much of a fashion scene here and I am, well, a die hard fashionista! Any suggestions on how to get more people into fashion?

A- I know the feeling. You would think LA would be more into fashion but shockingly, not as much as you’d think. When I lived in DC is was like 12 million times worse … the fashion is seriously lacking there too. Anyway, I think the secret to getting people

excited is to first find the people who are excited. Get me? I suggested starting some Meet Up groups in your area centered around fashion. Find fashion people in your area on Twitter and get to know them. Start a Facebook group to get a group of fashion lovers in your area together. Once you get the people together you can put together little events and get togethers. Eventually the whole town will be jealous and will want to get into fashion more just so they can hang out with you and your fabulousness.

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