Getting My Learn On: School of Style

Don’t they (whoever the heck “they” are) say that its never too late to go back to school? I don’t know for sure what it is they say, but this past Sunday I went back to school! The school I went to was The School of Style in West Hollywood at Smashbox Studios.

The School of Style is this sweetly awesome 1-3 day training course about fashion/wardrobe styling. It’s taught by Luke Storey, a Hollywood stylist who has styled Marilyn Manson, Kanye West, No Doubt, TV on the Radio, and a whole bunch of other rockin’ famous people. What’s great about the class is that it isn’t just about dressing people up in pretty clothes, its about all aspects of the styling business.

Basically the class was awesome. I learned a ridiculous amount of valuable information. I left the class with a learning buzz. I mean, who gets learning buzzes? I do I guess.

If you are in the LA area and interested in breaking into the fashion industry, I highly recommend that you check this class out. There are 3 parts to the class (classroom, shopping, and on-the-job training.) You can take all 3 parts or just part 1 or just part 1 and 2. I have only completed part 1 but will definitely be taking parts 2 and 3 very soon.

Learn more about The School of Style here>>
Check out Luke Storey’s portfolio here>>

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