Faux Fur Vest for Fall 09


Q- I long for a black (faux) fur vest, but I can’t find one anywhere! (Well…it’s still summer) I want it to be a little over sized (just a BIT) so I can layer it with stuff. I would pair it with distressed jeans, studs, and plaid shirts. I’m all for the edgy, rock n’ roll look. I’m a high school student and really can’t spend too much money. I am so desperate to buy a faux fur vest before the rest of my classmates do. That sounds really shallow, but you know I mean right?

A- Of course I know what you mean. Nothing wrong with wanting to be first in fashion, especially at school. I spent a ton of time looking for my faux fur vest in white and now I also need to find a black one, for myself. I ended up finding my white one at a vintage store, and got a pretty nice deal on it. If you have time for vintage shopping, that might be a good option.

Anyway, I did some searching online and didn’t find much in the way of affordable fur vests but here is what I found (some are real fur) …

1- Made/ Short Mongolian Vest£190.00

2- Vince/ Mongolian Waistcoat- £750.00

3- Pepe/ Faux Mongoian Fur Gilet With Suede Back- £105.00

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