Dear Fashion Kitty, Style Me!!

I have a skirt and about 4 dresses that I don’t wear because I don’t know how to wear them or what to wear them with. I love them casual so any help? Would a pair of black leggings or a tank top solve my problem?
Black leggings and tank tops won’t solve anyone’s problems — without some careful styling they could just make your problems worse. That’s why you have me to step in and help. So here we go.

White Skirt- I would add a black tank, then layer it with a cardigan. Add a brightly colored bag, hat, and sunglasses to complete the look.

Black & Purple Tunic- You can’t go too lazy with this piece or else it will look really cheap. I say make it edgy with ripped up leggings and a leather jacket.

Gray Tunic- I would dress this in a casual comfortable way for fall with black opaque tights and a boyfriend sweater.

For your last two dresses, you can really mix them up with some of the other pieces I recommended. Soften the dresses with some loose fitting cardigans or rough them up with a leather jacket. Or if you want to wear them now, add a cropped cardigan and cute ballet flats or sandals.

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