Dear Fashion Kitty, The Perfect Pocket Watch

Well darn it, I just can’t do it. What I’m referring to is finding IT, THE perfect vintage watch/locket to wear with, well, everything of course! I was particularly fond of the one Hilary Duff wore in The Perfect Man…it was just stunning.

Will you help me track down a locket/pocket watch, preferably gold (but can be silver or white gold) and preferably vintage (I’m talking as old as 1920’s-1980’s), and preferably in the price range of $30-100. I want a real beauty, something that I may even have my initials engraved into. My grandmother actually had a beautiful one, with tiny diamonds and a moon on it, but I’m not allowed to have it yet.

Man, you’ve gotta get grandma to hook you up! Maybe she will give it to you for your birthday?! Anyways … While you wait, I recommend you check out for some pocket watches. I did a search and 178 pages came back. I also recommend that you enjoy the search for the perfect pocket watch. Go to some vintage shops and flea markets on the weekend. I betcha you find some other really rad items on your search, ya know?

Anyways, if you really want MY opinion …. I like a pocket watch that is a little more banged up and aged to perfection — like this one. Good luck on your search and you better report back to me with what you find.

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