How do I wear ankle wrap sandals?

Roberto Vianni Sandals

I just bought these sandals, and was wondering with what I should wear them?

I rarely (read only at weddings or on very special occasions) wear dresses or even skirts. If you think you can sell me on a dress/skirt, go right ahead! 🙂 I was thinking about jean capris or even shorts? But they’d have to be somewhat dressy right?

I’m crushing on these Hudson skinny jeans, but I have no clue if Hudson’s would fit me well, or if they’d be short enough (not to get in the way of the ankle strap). But the latter is an easy enough fix. I’m typically a size 27 in designer jeans, 5’4″ and 115 lbs.

No skirts or dresses! Okay, I won’t even try to make you wear them. We can work with shorts and capris. I am thinking you need to do a dressed down/dressed up combo — like this:

And PS- Get the Hudsons, they will fit you and will be fabulous! I’m also a size 26/27 in designer jeans and have a similar body type as you (from what I can tell by your description) and I LOVE Hudson jeans. BUT I wouldn’t wear them with the sandals, the jeans will be too long for them.

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