Dear Fashion Kitty, Flat Suede Boots

I’m planning to buy a flat suede slouch boots for this coming winter. Could you advise me on how to dress them up? I’m hesitant to buy the boots because I’m thinking I wont be able to find clothes that will match them.

Are you kidding me!! You can wear those flat suede slouch boots with practically everything come fall/ winter 09 … Get them!!! I am totally going to get myself a pair. In fact, I’ve got my eye on this pair by Chloe. Any who … Here are some flat suede boot looks to get you started.

Look #1- Throw on some winter shorts, tights, and comfy sweater for a cute and casual look.

Look #2- Pair your boots with a floral dress and tights for a more dressed up look.

Look #3- Go to work (unless its ultra-conservative) with skinny jeans, a patterned blouse, and a vest.

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