Dear Fashion Kitty, Emma Watson’s Teen Vogue Style

I love Emma Watson’s style! She is like my fashion queen. I especially love her Teen Vogue photo shoot. How can I get Emma Watson’s look with these outfits or something similar to it? I go to a school where our skirts need to be below the knee but thankfully I’m short so I can get away with shorter skirts that taller girls wouldn’t be able to wear. The normal length for me would be 18 inches long.

Alright, lets cut right to the chase and hook you up Emma Watson style!

Look #1- This look is really fun. I am a sucker for leopard print and actually have a pair of leopard tights (they also happen to look amazing on.) With the look I created for you, I toned down the volume of the skirt a bit but everything else is pretty darn dead on.

*Go to the fabric store and pick up some satin ribbon for the belt and you are good to go!

Look #2- This look is a bit harder to nail without just going to D&G and buying the look. However, the look I created for you is a lot more appropriate for school. Hope you like it.

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