Casual-Fab Homecoming Attire


Q- I’m going to be a senior this year and I need a homecoming dress! I want something classy but ready-to-party, and I’d like to try doing something a little different than people normally do. I’m thinking about getting a more casual dress but wearing heels to dress it up? Please let me know what you think!

A- When I first read your email, my first reaction was “no!” No, you can’t go casual for a dance. BUT then I started looking for dresses and I found something killer that was bordering on casual but was also classy too. So now my answer is yes, yes we can do this.

Here is what I am thinking …

Juicy Couture at ShopStyle

A long sleeved dress will be totally unexpected. Its classy and its kinda sexy because its short. The black says evening and the length is perfect for showing off a killer pair of heels. Right??? Hope you dig it.

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