Black Sequin Skirt Style


Q- I bought this short black sequined skirt almost a year ago and still haven’t worn it. It is almost like the one in the picture, except mine is not elastic-y, it more like a jean skirt type of structure. I’m looking for a way to wear it casually? I’m 5″6 and 98lbs, and my style is kind of Erin Watsson meets Rihanna meets Keira Knightley.

A- You left off the picture in your email but I think I’ve got the idea. Here is what I am thinking … black opaque tights, tee or tank top, denim jacket, a beanie, and some cool booties.  This will give you the perfect casual sequin look (as casual as sequins can get without being tacky.) I would totally wear this look, hope you dig it too.

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