Betsey Johnson for Opening Ceremony


I’m sure everyone has heard about Betsey Johnson’s Opening Ceremony line. Basically, she is bringing back some of her greatest pieces from the past for everyone to love and enjoy all over again. I stopped by Betsey’s L.A. boutique last week for her birthday party and tried on a bunch of the collection. I mean, I would have tried it all on but usually when I try on Betsey, I have a hard time leaving the store without it coming with me … which makes me very poor.

Anyway, I did try on a nice chunk of the collection (and I did buy myself a little something-something too) and here are my favorites:

Betsey Johnson for Opening Ceremony

I ended up buy the dress in the top left corner. I REALLY wanted the one on the bottom left (which is styled as a coat) but I couldn’t justify owning a faux fur sleeved dress is Los Angeles. Now I am kind of kicking myself because I could have also used it as a coat (hello, two for one.) BUT the dress I bought turned out to be a fabulous compromise.

The cherry print pieces were also hard to put back on the rack because the print is just so darn cheerful. Also hard to part with, where the other fuzzy and furry pieces. I guess I just like stuff that feels nice, which could explain my growing vintage fur collection.

Well enough rambling from me, head over to Betsey to check this stuff out before its gone. Something tells me its all going to sell out really fast.

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