Back to School Style: Style Tips for Students


Q- I got accepted to University and I’m over the moon! I’m so happy! But now that I’m about to be a student (with no money) I was wondering if you could give some tips and pointers as to some “must haves” for students!

A- Congrats on getting into school, that’s awesome! I am also excited that you are thinking about your college style. Nothing makes me more upset than college students who just throw on sweats, or even worse pajamas, and head to class. I don’t know why people think the rules of getting dressed in the morning don’t count in college.  Anyway, I am getting myself worked up …

There is a way to be comfortable and stylish at school, while being on a budget. Here are some of my must have pieces for college students:

– Great fitting pair of jeans that make sense for your body

– Ballet flats (stylish and practical for running to class)

– Cardigans (a great alternative to a sweatshirt)

– Great fitting tees and tanks

– Stylish messenger/ tote bag for books and essentials

– Simple accessories like hats and scarves

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