Back to School Style: Boarding School


Q- I’m going back to my boarding school soon, so I can’t bring to many items of clothing to wear on the weekends, as I have a pretty small cupboard. I love the preppy look and I have a Ralph Lauren blazer I am obsessed with. I have 2 pairs of loafers, a few polo tops and some jumpers. I’m not sure if I am getting the ‘look ‘ right??

A- Sounds to me like you nailed it. I would add in a few cardigans, some pearls, ballet flats, and of course jeans to complete the look … a tank or a tee shirt would be useful too. Here are some preppy combinations for ya:

Look #1- Jeans + polo + Blazer + loafers

Look #2- Jeans + 2 polos layered + pearls + ballet flats

Look #3- Jeans + tee shirt/ tank + cardigan + pearls + ballet flats

Look #4- Jeans (rolled up) + tee shirt + blazer + loafers

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