Back to School Style: Punk Rock Chic


Q- Schools going to be starting soon,and I’m going into the 7th grade. I really want to try out the punk-rocker mixed with chic.I don’t really know where to start except for that I really like skinny jeans and plaid!I was really hoping you could tell what’s in for the punk rocker chic look!:)

A- This is one of my favorite looks, so of course I can help. Below are some of my favorite pieces for a punk rock chic look and some winning combinations for them. Enjoy!

Look #1 – Skinny jeans + black tank top + white blazer + peep toe boots

Look #2- Skinny jeans + plaid button down + fur vest + Dr Martens

Look #3- Gray tank dress + ripped leggings + Dr Marten boots

Look #4- Black jersey dress + open plaid button down + fishnets + Boots

With all of these looks, sprinkle in fun accessories like studded bracelets and safety pin earrings as desired 🙂

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