Audrey Hepburn Meets Los Feliz


Q- I just bought these flats from Gilt Fuse– they are such a bright green I’m not sure what styles or colors (besides white and black) to wear them with. Ideas? I’m 26, 5’8″/135, and my style is a bit Audrey Hepburn and a bit Los Feliz.

A- Audrey meets Los Feliz, nice! Its like a little hipster Audrey. I don’t know, I could be totally off but I am thinking that’s like Rachel Bilson look. Keeping that in mind, I think we can go a bit crazy with the combinations. Wear a fun patterned skirt, a tee shirt, and and cool hat. Or a floral printed dress with a denim jacket. You know have fun with it and let the shoes be a playful accent. As Rachel Zoe says, “It doesn’t have to match, it just has to go.”

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