Fall 2009 Trend Alert: Grunge Goddess

You know how I can tell I am getting old? By the fact that 90s fashion is making a comeback. The 90s — didn’t we get just live those days? Well like it or not, they’re back.

I have some really clear 90s fashion memories, actually. I was in the 7th grade when grunge was at its best. For the first time, I really wanted to dress the part. I begged my mom to let me buy flannel shirts, Mary Janes, and baby doll dresses. Gees, I wore this one flannel vest like every damn week — until my Mom told me to give a rest already. I was so pissed at her for giving me fashion advice but looking back, I needed it. I did wear that vest a little too often. Anyways … I am starting to ramble.

D.Squared Fall 2009

D.Squared really brought the grunge to the runway for fall 2009 (it was actually one of my favorite fall 09 shows.) They of course infused it with some of today’s celebrity obsessed culture (with Starbucks cups, trucker hats, and all that jazz), but overall it reeked of the 90s.

So I going to call this look “Grunge Goddess.” To get this look you are gonna need the following:

– Plaid, plaid, plaid
– Combat boots
– Boyfriend cardigans
– Mary Janes
– Over the knee socks
– Baggy pants (jeans, cargo pants)
– Chunky knits scarves
– Baby doll dresses

Fall 2009 Fashion: Grunge Goddess

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Tracy Reese Fall 2009

D. Squared Fall 2009

90s Plaid Photo from V Magazine

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  1. their sunglasses are cool, the show was really great and interesting, i like it and i enjoyed it a lot.

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