Fall 2009 Trend Alert: Goth Glam

Black will always be in style but the way we wear black will always be different. There is that chic all black look (gallery girls or “fashion people”) and then there is that dangerous black. You know the black that the “scary” goth girl in high school wore. Or the black the kick ass spiked up punk rocker chick wore. Most people are scared off by that kind of fashion statement, but not me … I live for it. I mean, it wasn’t uncommon for me to wear spikes and fishnets with my cheerleading uniform in high school (yes I was a cheerleader.)

I have always been drawn to that edgy look. Heck, I am still wearing the same spiked bracelet and studded belt from high school. For fall 2009, the fashion world is really embracing the “edgy” look. We saw it a little bit in fall 2008 with ripped pants, leggings, and leather — more punk than goth though. So now for fall 2009 its time to head into the dark with even more black and more “danger.” Cue creepy laugh …

Jean Paul Gaultier (Style.com)

Givenchy (Style.com)

Christian Lacroix (Style.com)

Valentino (Style.com)

I am calling this look “Goth Glam” and here are my Goth Glam must-haves:

– Leather everything (jackets, pants, dresses)
– Studs, spikes, and exposed zippers
– Skulls
– Black lace
– Gloves
– Knuckle rings
– Boots and booties

Fall 2009 Fashion: Dark Knight/ Gothic Glamour

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