Dear Fashion Kitty, What To Wear with Bootcut Jeans?

What kind of shoes look good with bootcut jeans? Obvs not sneakers. I think flats look kind of weird, and I’ve heard that heels looks too “nineties?” Also, what do you think of jeans that have ripped at the bottom hem? A few of my jeans are ripping at the hem, and I’m thinking of just replacing those that are. A good idea, or is it not a big deal?

You can pretty much wear any kind of shoe with bootcut jeans (obvious choice being boots.) Sneakers are no ideal, unless you want to look like a complete dork 😉 Personally I am a huge fan of wearing heels with bootcut jeans. In fact, whoever told you that look was too “nineties” is a fool. Wearing bootcut jeans with pointy toe heels creates a really slimming look. There are really no set rules on what type of shoes to wear, just use your best judgment because all bootcut jeans and shoes for that matter, are not created equal.

As for your ripped bottom hem question, I say rock it. I kinda like how it looks but I am also a little trashy. Of course if a pair of your “dress up” jeans that you wear to work, etc … I would definitely consider taking them to get repaired or better yet, make sure they are properly tailored so they don’t drag the floor.

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  1. When I have jeans that I have ruined at the bottom hem, I cut them off and wear them as cut off shorts. I cut them at the knees so I can cuff them as short as I want to. Just a thought.

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