Dear Fashion Kitty, Style My Salmon Colored Shorts

I own a pair of bright salmon colored shorts that I love, the only problem is I can’t seem to find many different outfits for them. I wear them with a white shirt often but I would really like some more options. I don’t wear tight shirts and I like to be “casual cute.” Do you have any suggestions on what shirts would like good with my shorts?

Also if I were to buy more colorful shorts what colors would you suggest?

Salmon colored shorts. Innnnteresting but totally doable. I was totally inspired by this look from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I think pairing salmon with navy and playing up the orange hue with a brighter shade of orange is genius.

I also styled up this little look for you. I paired the shorts with a plaid top, which can grab whatever shade of salmon shorts that you have. Balance out the look with a navy cardigan and add some fun accessories. Bam, bam … You’ve got yourself a stylish and casual outfit.

As for other shorts. Of course, buy what you love but right now I am loving shorts in: navy, plaid, and floral prints.

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  1. This is so fab.. I have a pair of pants in the same salmon shade. With the same issue! These (edited-to-pants) looks will be perfect to use for the cool evenings! Thank you, thank you!

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