Dear Fashion Kitty, Staying Stylish While Pregnant at a Wedding

I am going to a wedding at the end of July, it’s a summer wedding and will be pretty casual. I LOVE dresses (and skirts!), something about showing off the feminine side makes me happy, especially in a town where most females refuse to wear dresses… but I am rambling.

I will be 4 months pregnant this is my 2nd child and I am ridiculously short waisted so I will be noticeably pregnant. I am 21, blond hair, blue eyes, 5ft3, about 130lbs which sounds like a lot but I actually only have 22% body fat, so it suits me. I am pre-pregnancy a size 27 or size 4/5. I can’t do dresses below the knee as they make me look even shorter 🙁

I hope that’s enough information for you to help me find something to wear to look stunning and to flatter me, the whole ensemble please! (Oh! And it doesn’t need to be maternity as I won’t be “that big” yet/ and price under 500$ please :))

Oh that was plenty of information, the perfect amount actually. I think you should wear a cute little A shaped dress with cute sparkly shoes and killer accessories. Here is what I am thinking for you. Oh and if they are too long, don’t be afraid to hit up the tailor for a quickie hem.

I chose a beautiful 3.1 Philip Lim dress that is on sale $238 (originally $595.) The dress is navy, which isn’t that summery but when paired with a bright yellow clutch … you are so perfect for a summer wedding. I would give your hair that awesome 60s mod look with a wide headband. I also added a pair of jeweled flats because I don’t know how comfortable you are in heels while being pregnant.

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