Dear Fashion Kitty, How To Get Serena’s Gossip Girl Look

I am a huge fan of Gossip Girl! I am just obsessed with the clothes they wear. I love Blair and Jenny’s style, but my favorite has to be Serena’s. I can’t seem to figure out how she does her makeup though. I also have brown hair similar to Blair’s so would the makeup still look good? I also am having a really big problem on getting accessories like the type she wears. Also since I live in really hot weather and can’t wear boots 90% of the year, what other shoes would be good to wear? I’m also in high-school so I can’t wear super tall heels every day.

Can you help me?

Dang girl, you loaded up on the Serena questions!!! Let me see what I can do for you …

1.) Make-up: Serena loves to play up her eyes and goes simpler with the rest of her makeup. To re-create her look; go with a smokey eye, a light pink blush, and a pinkish/nude lip gloss. And yes, even though you have brown hair you can still pull off this simple but stunning look.

2.) Accessories: Serena likes necklaces a lot; both statement and simple. The jewelry she wears is a bit on the expensive side, probably more than the typical high school girl is willing to spend. I would check out second hand and vintage stores to find cool Serena-esque jewelry. Look for gold, layered chains, and natural elements like feathers.

3.) Shoes: Serena wear boots the majority of the time but she also wears pumps too. If I were you, I would look for pointy toe kitten heels to get the look. You can also look into shorter, flat boots (like Minnetonka) because those tend to work well during the summer.

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