Dear Fashion Kitty, How to Accessorize for a White Party

I’m invited to a party where the attire is all white. I’m thinking about buying this white dress and I have these shoes. What do you think? What accessories should I wear?

I never really understood the appeal of throwing a “white party” but whatever … I guess I don’t have to get it to dress you go for it.

Clearly, I won’t be throwing in any wild punches of color (might get you kicked out of the party) but we definitely can still have fun with some neutral accessories. Here is what I am thinking …

Vintage Mod!

What the heck is Vintage Mod? I don’t know, I just made it up but I am thinking small 60s shapes with intricate vintage 20s touches. Like this:

PS- My favorite part of this look are the gold studded lashes, you’ve gotta get those for sure!!

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