Dear Fashion Kitty, How Do I Wear Keds Skimmers?

I recently purchased a pair of shoes that kind of look like those Keds skimmer wedges, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture. They’re black with white trim and a little bow at the front. I’m not really a jeans kind of girl, and so far I’ve paired them with navy/dark grey shorts with blousy white tops but can you suggest other ways to build an outfit around them? Especially with dresses and skirts please!

You know me I like to go a bit rock and roll with my looks, which is exactly what I did here. I think the casual edge of the shoes needs to be played up with some casual rocker elements like denim and comfty tee shirts. If you are into the more girly look, try pairing up your shoes with shorter plaid skirts or short dresses with fuller skirts.

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