Dear Fashion Kitty, Help Me Find Lipstick Jungle Fashions

I have been watching the Lipstick Jungle series on DVD and I absolutely love the wardrobe for Victory (Lindsey Price). In the Lyin, the Bitch, & the Wardrobe do you know the designer of that amazing white coat with the Bird on the shoulder and a bow on the back of the coat? Where could I find something like this?

Also, her bug ring she had on in another episode…it was either a bee or dragonfly?

Without some pictures I can’t really give you an accurate answer but I will do my best based on description. Also keep in mind that since the show is older, the pieces you are looking for are likely sold out.

Coat: For an off the rack version of what you described, I found this tree print jacquard coat by Mcginn. It has the white, it has the bow, and a little touch of nature. It is on sale for $341 at Revolve.

Or you can go more DIY and get a white coat with a bow, like this one from A.B.S and some pretty nature inspired appliques from a trim or fabric store. Personally, I think DIY is more fun and its pretty simple too.

Ring: Bee rings are pretty hot right now, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one. Kenneth Jay Lane makes some good ones (he makes a bee ring and a dragonfly, actually.) There are also some cute ones at Tiffy & Co. too … if you have Tiffany money that is.

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