Dear Fashion Kitty, Help Me Find a Backless Dress

I am looking for a very elegant but sexy backless dress and was wondering if you knew of any online websites that I could look at to find one, but I don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Also I love the dress that Lauren Messiah is wearing in the photo on the black backless with the bow in the front, although its not what I’m looking for were could I get one of those as well?

Well … I will answer your second question first because that’s the easy one 😉 I am Lauren Messiah and what I am wearing in that photo is actually a bow front, strapless top from Betsey Johnson. The top is about a year old, but you can get a similar one at Charlotte Russe for $23 or this one from Nanette Lepore for $124.

Now, onto the dress. I really like the Eda Backless Dress by Markus Lupfer. It is on sale for $124 and even has a bow! Another option is the Boulee Backless Dress, which is on sale for $135 at Revolve

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