Dear Fashion Kitty, Hannah Montana Accessories

Not that I am obsessed with Hanah/Miley whatevs, but I really like some of her new stuff and I NEED to find it!

Okay first, her pink glove that is covered in jewels (She wears it in the Ice Cream Freeze vid) and second that big chunky white belt she has.

And how would you style those outfits? I know how I would style them but I want to see what you would do.

Alright lets get this party started, starting with the gloves. First of all, you owe ME an ice cream cone for forcing me to watch that video!! Second of all, I am afraid that I am going to encourage you to break out the bedazzler to get that look (you know you want to.) Just pick yourself up a pair of fingerless gloves then head over to your local craft store. It will be way more fun to make them yourself anyways.

What would I wear with a pair of fingerless blinged out gloves? Uh, anything 😉 Well that’s not entirely true .. I would wear them with something casual-cute. Try them with skinny jeans, a cute tee, and a shrunken motorcycle jacket.

Now onto the belt. That belt. That’s a BELT. I am going to say that the belt is a bit intense. I would actually get the look with this toned down version from White House Black Market. Then you can bring in the intensity with the outfit. Trust me, this is the better option then you can get more mileage out of the belt.

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