Dear Fashion Kitty, Can I Wear the High Waist Trend?

I’m 21 and I’ve got a style that’s a mix between a 50’s house wife, bra-burning flower child and a stressed out college student. I’ve been dying to try the whole high waist trend but, I can’t seem to figure it out! I think it’s because I’m really top heavy, like 34 DD top heavy and I’ve got a pretty curvy bottom half too. Basically, it looks like to trying to shove Kim Kardashian into Urkle’s pants, redonk. Please help me figure this out! Please!!!!

Ugh! It pains me to answer questions like this, but sometimes I just have to … Honey, step away from the high waist pants. Kim Kardashian and Steve Urkle are not a nice pairing. In fact, the first thing I thought out when I read your email was Jessica Simpson. You know, when she got that royal media beat down for wearing high waist jeans. I honestly think if she had stepped away from the pants that the whole “Jessica Simpson is fat thing” never would have happened. Unfortunately, trends aren’t for everyone. Wear pants that flatter your body and pick another trend to have fun with.

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