Dear Fashion Kitty, Advice on How to Wear Long Skirts

I was wondering if you could help me with these two long skirts I own. One is black and looks somewhat like the attached picture but with a little more volume. The other skirt is white with greenish-blue and dull gold polka dots. It is tiered like the black skirt but has even more volume.

I was wondering if you could help me put together some looks for both. Maybe one casual and one more dressed up look for each skirt. By the way, I am from India but I wouldn’t want that to restrict you. I would like something a little edgy/sexy. I think I have been playing it very safe when comes to fashion and I am ready to move up a notch.

Sure, of course I can help you! I love a long skirt on a summer day (even though I actually don’t own a long skirt.) Here are a couple of long skirt looks and tips to get you inspired …

Tips for wearing a long skirt:

– Wear flat sandals
– Wear a shirt that is cut close to the body
– Have fun with jewelry
– Go with natural makeup and hair (nothing too done up)

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  1. long skirts are also cool, its not bad to wear specially if the fabrics are good to wear and the design s are great, the sunglasses are perfect.

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