Dear Fashion Kitty, Black Tie Ready

So I have a black tie function this summer, that I MUST look amazing for! My usual style is a bit of grunge mixed with girly, (I know you’ll hate this but its very Kristen Stewart-esque!) So I’m a bit out of my depth with formal wear.

I saw this dress in Karen Millen but I’m not sure if it’s enough? My friends are divided and I really do need to look amazing for this night! Do you have any suggestions on what I could wear with it or maybe another dress that is better suited to black tie or just better in general? I want something elegant and classy but also something stand out and sexy! I’m not sure if that’s even possible! Any ideas? (Keeping in mind that I can really only spend €250 and live in Ireland so it has to be available here or in the UK!)

Something about that floral print says not enough for me. Maybe its the color, I don’t know it just doesn’t scream black tie. I found three dresses in your price range that I think will be more appropriate for the occasion.

With dresses like the ones pictured about, you only need a pair of pointy evening shoes and one flashy piece of jewelry. Make sure your hair and make up is flawless and you will be good to go.

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  1. this dresses are good this summer, i like the styles and its trend, its for petite girls.

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