Product Review: Maybelline Pulse Perfection

Doesn’t it always sting more when your parents tell you they are “disappointed” in you, rather than just being full on pissed at you? That is how I feel about Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara. Let me explain …

I was asked to replace my beloved CoverGirl Lash Blast with Maybelline Pulse Perfection for one week. That was tough for me because I am in LOVE with Lash Blast. I have a stock pile set away in case the mascara ever goes out of production (seriously.) But being the awesome blogger that I am, I decided to give Pulse Perfection a try.

First of all, the tab you have to pull down to activate the pulse setting is a bitch to open. Thank goodness I don’t care about my nails because it jacked them up.

Once I got past that first hurdle it was time to try the mascara. It was pretty cool;it pulsed, it coated my lashes, kept them separated, didn’t really plup them but overall I was really pleased.

I was really pleased until … Day 2!

Day 2 sucked. The mascara stopped pulsing. I was pissed but I tried again on Day 3. Day 3 is started working again and I decided it was my own stupidity that kept it from working on Day 2. However, moving forward to Day 4-7 … Nothing. No pulsing, no nothing,

Thank goodness I didn’t pay for this mascara because it didn’t work! I think if Maybelline can make this mascara work everytime then they will have a good thing going because when it does work it works.

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