Michael Jackson

As a product of the 80s who is right now devastated at the loss of Michael Jackson, I am removing myself from my regularly scheduled programming to give some love to MJ. The man not only changed the way we listen to music, he also changed the face of fashion. I mean, hello … have you seen what we are wearing these days?! It’s total MJ/80s!

We Lost a Legend: Michael Jackson

Anyhow. I grew up in a time where my dad made me watch the Thriller video. Sure the video scared the crap out of me but looking back, I am glad that such a musical masterpiece was forced upon me. Also, looking back … it was more awesome than it was scary.

I also clearly remember trying to master the moonwalk with my little brother, we never got it but dammit if we didn’t try.

And how could we forget the fact that Michael Jackson brought music videos to regular TV. I clearly remember the Black and White video being on 8pm EST on some regular old channel like ABC or something. I sat down with my family to watch it and it was amazing. These days you can’t even watch a music video on freakin’ MTV.

We lost someone great today. No matter what tabloid bullshit was floating around, I am glad we can all remember the good things. The music and the memories that it brings out of all of us.

With that being said, I have been racking my brain trying to come up with my favorite Michael Jackson song of all time. I have come to realize that coming up with one is impossible. So I tried to drill it down to 5 (in no particular order.)

– Thriller

– Man in the Mirror

– The Way You Make Me Feel

– Human Nature

– Dirty Diana

Aww, damn! I can’t make it 5. Lets do 10. Here are 5 more …

– Smooth Criminal

– P.Y.T.

– I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

– Bad (my brother and I had some great impromptu dance performances to this one)

– Butterflies

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