DIY: Tricked Out & Rhinestoned Converse

After seeing an awesome pair of Converse with neon yellow laces on the runway of Meghan Fabulous and then a studded pair on Free People’s website — I was inspired. Inspired to buy some supplies and create my own awesome hybrid pair.

With a few supplies from the craft supplies, some fashionable inspiration, and a drop of FashionKitty power I created the most awesome pair of Converse ever.

from Meghan Fabulous

from Free People

Here is what you need:

– 1 pair of high top Converse ($45)

– a few bags of rhinestones ($3.99 each)

– a hot glue gun or a bedazzler ($6, I already had one at home)

– brightly colored shoe laces or ribbons ($2)

– gold acrylic craft paint ($1)

DYI Converse: Fashionable and FashionKitty Worthy

Step 1- Change out the laces. Since the fools at Target forgot to put my laces in the bag after I paid for them … I used the laces that came with the shoes and combined them with some bright yellow ribbon. Looked hot.

Step 2- Age the shoes with gold paint. I took a dry brush with a little gold metallic paint and painted the back seam and the perimeter of the shoe.

Step 3- Get gluing 0r bedazzling. In whatever pattern you like, add rhinestones. I used round and star rhinestones of all different colors and sizes. I only blinged out the outside of the shoes.

Step 4- Let them dry and put them on!

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