Dear Fashion Kitty, Tiered Top

I recently bought a simple black tiered wife beater style tank and am in love with it. The only problem is, is that I’m not too sure what to wear it with! I was thinking of wearing it with dark jeans, a metallic vest, black heels and maybe a teal clutch for a nighttime/going out look, but I have no idea how to dress it down for a regular day other than just wearing it with some simple jeans. Help?

I would say my style is trendy but simple. I usually go big with accessorizing simple pieces (minus earrings because mine are stretched, LOL). I’m also a plus sized girl so I try to wear things that flatter my body. I’m usually down to try anything and love wearing plain/dark/neutral outfits with one/a couple pieces of it being colorful/patterned to bring the focus on.

Dressing down your black tiered wife beater without resorting to basic jeans … I think I can do that.

Idea #1- Try going with not-so-basic jeans. How about a pair of acid wash or colored jeans?

Idea #2- Or how about a denim skirt? Its casual, its day, its different than jeans. I like it looks pretty good too.

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