Dear Fashion Kitty, New Body Debut

I’ve been in Paris for 4 months and I have lost weight. I’m going back to my parents and boyfriend in a month and I want to look beautiful and changed at the airport! My style is a bit bohemian and grunge so I don’t want to overdo it with the Paris’ classic style.

Isn’t that one of the best ways to come back from a trip? … A bit thinner! Go you, hope you lost it in a healthy way. Anyways, the key here is so go back super-confident. I would suggest going shopping at your favorite Paris boutique and kinda have one of those fun, try on everything experiences. Those try-on-athons are always more fun when you are having a good body day anyways. I can almost promise you that you will walk out with the best, most unexpected “I’m home and thinner” outfit ever.

I know, that’s some pretty loose advice so I will give you some outfit advice and inspiration:

– Don’t look like you are trying too hard! I mean, you will be coming off of a long flight so you can’t wear a ball gown, ya know?! Wear something comfortable and carefree.

– Wear something that shows off your smallest/ most impressive part. If you lost weight but still need to work on your stomach (for example) maybe I loose fitting babydoll top and shorts would be best. If you really worked those abs, perhaps and tight fitting top and low slung jeans will work better.

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