Dear Fashion Kitty, Music Photo Shoot Looks

I am a singer and I am going to be doing a photo shoot in a few weeks for one of my singles. My music is sexy pop sort of like Britney Spears minus the whole Circus act. I am small- 4’11” and my figure is thin but I do have a big chest. Can you come up with a few chic outfits that I might want to use for this shoot.? I want to look fierce and sexy and this is my first photo shoot ever.

Congrats on your single and first photo shoot! I think you should definitely focus on minimizing your chest and showing off your legs (and of course make them look longer with heels.) I put together three sexy look and “music-y” looks for you. The looks kind of border on rock n roll, but really isn’t that the sexiest music related fashion style?

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