Dear Fashion Kitty, Maxi Dresses for Short Girls

I love maxi dresses and I see them everywhere. I want to try the style, but I have a petite build and I’m 5’2″. Will I look silly in a long dress like that? If not, what shoes would be appropriate for that style of dress?

Maxi dresses don’t tend to look great on super petite girls. I am 5’5″ (I tell people I am 5’6″ but I am really 5’5″) and I barely pulled off the maxi dress I recently bought. It looked good but I had to wear 4″ heels to keep the dress from dragging.

So basically what I saying here is that chances are a maxi dress is going to swallow you whole. BUT if you love the style and want to try it, wear some tall stappy shoes like these:

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