Dear Fashion Kitty, Louboutin Lookalikes

I am in desperate need of some help here! I have fallen in LOVE with the Christian Louboutin Very Noued in Pink and want to sport them under my dress on our Wedding Day in August! Problem is there is just not enough in the wedding budget for $695 shoes.

I have seen some pictures of some shoes in photos that look very similar but have been unsuccessful in finding a pair of lookalikes for sale. I don’t mind spending $100- $175 for a good pair of lookalikes…also in the same pink color… Any suggestions??

I’ll leave you with some photos of those gorgeous shoes and some of the lookalikes! (obviously the green & silver are the lookalikes)

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Looks like you found some pretty good lookalikes!

High-heeled sandals BI 4

I found one pair that fits the style and is pink. They aren’t perfect but they are pretty. Oh and did I mention they are $75?!

If you hate them, just get the Louboutin’s and return some of the stuff from you registry to make up the difference. I mean, how often are you really going to use that cheese plate?

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  1. I guess it must seem incredibly naive, but I did not realise that. Thank you for pointing it out in the snarkiest way possible.

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