Dear Fashion Kitty, How to Dress an Apple Body Type

I am 36 years old, unfortunately with my apple figure is very difficult to find clothes that fit right.

I would like to want to know if an apple figure can wear belts or wide legged pants/jeans. Are the wide legged pants/jeans past season? What other type of clothing would you recommend for my figure.

Apple shaped women tend to store their weight in their stomachs, breasts, and often have wider backs. Basically, you are a bit top heavy. However, apple shaped woman have the luxury of having nice slim legs! So when you are body isn’t quite in proportion you have to do a couple of things. 1.) Add balance to your body with your clothes 2.) Show off your best parts with your clothes.

Easier said than done right? Well that’s why you have me. Here are a couple of my favorite tips for apple shaped women.

– Belts are cool, if you choose the right one! Go for a belt that cinches your narrowest part, which is often by the ribcage

– Accessories, accessories, accessories! Wear fun jewelry and things around your face to draw the emphasis up to your gorgeous face, rather than your center.

– Wrap dresses are your friend. Basically the are almost any woman’s friend. This will slim you and create a nice diagonal line, which will help take emphasis off your waist. Also make sure the hemline is short enough to show off your slim legs.

– Trouser cut pants and straight leg pants are a plus. Don’t go for skinny cuts because they will make your top look bigger. You also want to be careful with how wide you go with wide leg pants. Too wide will make your overall silhouette look wider.

– Monochromatic ensembles. Wearing too many different colors breaks up your body and points out your trouble zones. A monochromatic outfit will streamline you and that is exactly the thing you are looking for.

– Shorter is better. Of course don’t go too short but chances are your legs are worth showing off, so don’t be afraid to.

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