Dear Fashion Kitty, How Do I Wear These Skirts?

I have two different skirts. One of them is a boho skirt, and I would like to wear it in Blair’s style or LiLo’s style. The other one is a high waist print skirt. Please provide some tips on how do I wear them!

For skirt #1, we are going to have to go with Lohan’s style because Blair probably wouldn’t go all boho on us, know what I’m sayin? Anyways, I would go very casual with the boho skirt. A nice fitting black tank top, maybe a vest, and gladiator boots. Oh and don’t forget the hobo bag.

For skirt #2, its such a statement piece on its own so you don’t need much. A black tank, aqua cardigan, a strand of pearls, and red ballet flats witll do the trick. Very Blair if you ask me.

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