Dear Fashion Kitty, How Do I Wear My Striped Cardigan

I recently bought a cardigan from Forever 21’s brand “twelve by twelve.” It’s sea foam green and black vertical stripes and a black bow at the neckline. I have been wondering and wondering what to wear with it and came up with nothing … Please help!

Oh the possibilities are endless, honey! Here are few ideas to get you started

For work: Black pencil skirt, black shell, Mary Jane pumps, and a strand of pearls

For play: Pink tube dress, big black clutch, and killer heels

For everyday: Boot cut jeans, black ballet flats, and a simple white tank top

Basically, you don’t need to do too much with the outfit. Just build yourself a nice simple base and layer with the sweater. Keep the colors neutral and if you do add a “color- color”. stick to one color and go simple on the accessories.

You can do it, I know you can … Now go build that outfit!

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