Dear Fashion Kitty, How Do I Clean a Vintage Gucci Bag?

I just bought a great little Gucci bag, for $44.50, and IT’S REAL. It’s vintage, I got it at a secondhand shop. Aren’t you proud of me for being so thrifty, Kitty?! I’m siked. I know you’d appreciate that. 🙂

Unfortunately, it’s original white fabric (it’s canvas I guess) turned pretty yellow. How can I clean this bag without damaging it? The inside is white leather, but that too is a bit peely.

I am SOOO proud of you! Finally, someone out there is listening. Deals are out there if you go hunting for them.

Since you got such a great deal, don’t f’ it up. I would take it somewhere to get it professionally cleaned. I mean, I could rattle off some cleaning tips that I have heard through the grapevine but since I haven’t tested those methods … I just don’t feel comfortable passing them on. Just go pay to get it cleaned, you will thank yourself later.

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