Dear Fashion Kitty, Hobo Bag Help

I am in desperate need of a bag/purse. I am more of a tomboy, casual style, and I don’t like the purses that have a lot of little thingys and extra accessory things. I like my stuff simple. I absolutely love hobo bags, and need the space haha. Also, I’m kinda leanin towards a boho looking bag.

Contrary to some of the things I just told you, I am IN LOVE with this Juicy bag. And also the white bag from HSM 3 that Gabriella has in her green, purple and blue flower printed dress. Are there any bags, or that matches some of the descriptions I said above, that sound like something I would like?

Well damn, you are quite the fashion contradiction aren’t you! How about I just find you a bunch of cool hobo bags that I like and hope for the best 😉

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