Dear Fashion Kitty, Denim Trend Advice

Girl, you must help me! There are so many jean trends out there, I can’t keep up! I’ve narrowed it down a bit, I like the white, skinny, slightly destroyed jeans a lot. I am 5’7”, very thin, and pale, so I don’t want to buy white jeans that will wash, and flatten me out. Can I still pull them off? These are BCBG, I took a picture of them in Macy’s, but can’t find them online. The most I’d realistically spend is about $70 at the most, but if you can find me a handful of different pairs (that will give me some booty) and a couple of them happen to be over that budget, that’s okay too. (Also, check out my ThisNext “Pale In Comparison” list, those were just some ideas I had.) I also love stone washed jeans! I saw a pair that were, gulp, Levis, ones at American Apparel, as well as these ones on a particularly adorable H&M employee. I love her entire outfit (she said her cardigan was American Apparel, Gucci tee was vintage, jeans were Forever 21, and little blue sneakers were H&M), can you find it for me?

Both of these jeans I’m looking for should be super tight (nothing else fits me, ugh!).
First of all, love your list!! I actually featured it in ThisNext’s newsletter this past week. Alright, enough of that … On to your question.

White jeans? Can you wear them. Let’s see, you are all and skinny, um, let me think about it … YES!!! Yes, of course you can wear them. Who cares if you are pale, they are going to look amazing on you.

And acid wash jeans … We LOVE acid wash jeans. I have a pair from high school that I am thinking of turning into skinny jeans so I can wear them now.

Anyways, here are my denim recommendations for you:

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  1. Ooh I love those ripped silence&noise jeans from urban outfitters! Combining skinny jeans, white denim, and ripped denim – perfect!

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