Dear Fashion Kitty, Colors that Compliment Blond Hair

I love my wardrobe but all I wear is black because I like the way it makes my hair pop (I am a blond). I am so over pink and girlie fashion I really am into edgy looks, can you help me???

Sometimes I wish I were blond. If I could blond, I would go like white blond. Anyways, I am getting really off topic here.

Since you are moving from a wardrobe filled with black, moving to something pink and girlie would be too shocking. I suggest you try a cobalt blue first. Its got color, its still deep in shade, and its easy to work in some edginess.

Once you are ready work into something a bit lighter, I would go with a sky blue — that will really make your hair pop. Greens are also a nice options for blondies like yourself.

Here is a look I created to get you started on your new not-so-black wardrobe:

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