Dear Fashion Kitty, Celebrity Prom Style

I know prom is over, and mine won’t actually be ’til next year (that is, if I even get a date), but that didn’t stop all my favorite shows from pulling out the stops on prom night. Whether it was the 9210 crew at West Bev, or my Gossip Girls on the Upper East Side, fashion was in high supply!

I need your help in finding several gowns, Kitty. I hope you’re ready for it! The stars are the ones I loved the best.

Ms. Taylor’s simple black strapless (Jennie Garth looked stunning!)

Naomi’s green dress

Jenny’s dresses (at graduation, and her outfit at the induction meeting)

Silver’s giant pink gown (the anti promie certainly didn’t look it!)

Adriana’s red rose one shoulder

Dress worn by Brit Snow in “Valley Girls.” So great. So 80s!

Blair’s dream dress

and … Annie’s adorable fur shrug and polkadot dress (very Betsey Johnson, couldn’t find a screencap! Grr. That’s the one I liked the most, too!)

Well, snap! That’s a lot of dresses. Let me see what I can do.

1.) Jennie Garth’s black strapless dress: Its hard to tell what to look for since I can’t see the whole dress, but this one from Bebe will help you get the neckline. Personally, I love this simple black strapless dress from Nicole Miller. It isn’t really similar, but man is it hot.

2.) Green strapless dress from 90210: You can get the look for $240 with this dress by House of Dereon.

3.) Jenny’s black dress is by ACNE JEANS. This isn’t the exact cut, but the Baroque Dress in Black (by ACNE JEANS) is as close as it gets.

4.) Giant pink gown: That dress is major!! I wasn’t able to find the exact match but I think going with this dress by Betsey Johnson or this one by Sheri Hill, will get you the look in a more manageable way.

5.) Rose one shoulder dress: Not sure about the exact dress but this one by Redux Charles Chang-lima is mighty close.

6.) 80s dress from Valley Girls: To get that look, I would just go to Betsey Johnson and have a field day!

7.) Blair’s dream dress is by Marchesa and is unavailable (and ridiculously expensive)

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