Dear Fashion Kitty, Boho Chic on a Budget

I’m a 15 year old girl who lives in Tampa, FL. I love to dress like a hippie, and my fashion icons are Kate Moss, Lauren Conrad, and Blake Lively. I know I’m a bit too young to wear some of their clothes. In Tampa, it gets pretty hot, so leather boots and jackets are out of the question. Although I love their style, I know most of their clothes are designer, aka clothes I can’t afford. I need help trying to find stores that have similar, less expensive clothes, and looking more ‘boho chic’. I love skinny jeans, and leather bags, but I need help tying it all together.

You can absolutely get their look for less, in fact you can get it pretty much anywhere. I have said this so many times but I will say it again. Go to Target, go to TJ Maxx, go to Marshalls, go to Kohls, go to Nordstrom’s BP department, go thrift shopping, go to Urban Oufitters … because you will find things that work. In fact, today I was at Marshalls and I found a $545 Betsey Johnson dress for $32!! Insane, right?!

Anyways, here are the garments you should stock up on for summer to be all boho chic

– Maxi dresses ($15-$20 at the stores mentioned above)
– Simple tanks (white Hanes in the men’s underwear section)
– Skinny jeans
– Flat sandals
– Aviator sunglasses
– Fringed hobo bag
– An awesome floppy hat
– Natural jewelry (wood, beads)
– Sweetly awesome vest

Here is a look for less to get you started. Good luck and have fun shopping.

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