Dear Fashion Kitty, Adding Color to My Wardrobe

I would love to have a colorful wardrobe but I realized it’s full of black, white and grays! What would be a good way to start adding more color and could you show some examples that rock? My style is kind of a simple and edgy one and I have a fair skin tone as well.

Here is a tip to start with … stop buying so much black 😉 So, I totally get where you are coming from because like 70% of my closet is black but my wardrobe and look as a whole comes off really colorful. How? It’s pretty simple, I go with colorful accessories and layering pieces because its all about building, baby!

Start buying colorful cardigans (cardigans can be edgy, I should know I have like 50 of them), colorful belts, jewelry, tights, and makeup too.

Here is a good example of coloring a basic black outfit, this is an outfit that I wore last week: a black jersey dress, leopard print tights, and a turquoise cropped cardigan. I was one colorful chick but the main garment was black.

Get what I’m saying??? Good. Now go out and start buying some of your favorite colors.

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