Dear Fashion Kitty, Reunion Outfit

I am in quite a bind because my husbands 10 year reunion is coming up on June 20th in Southern California. We weren’t originally going to go but work cleared up and now we are going. The reunion is at a Marriott Hotel and is a dinner and dance where the dress is semi-formal. I really want to look good but am at a loss at what to wear. What does one wear to a reunion? I do not want to do the standard little black dress.

I have a fabulous Fendi clutch that I am considering using but have no idea what to wear with it. I am 5’8 and slender and I need something that is modest (knee length with sleeves). My budget is a couple hundred. I really like the booties with dress look but am unsure on how to pull that off.

Let’s work with the clutch for sure. Not only is it fierce, its a good jumping off point … In fact the moment I looked at it, I started getting ideas.

I really think you should go with a dress by Black Halo. They are classic and little bit sexy too, but not so sexy that you will look like a tramp at this reunion. A Black Halo dress will be the perfect backdrop for this hotness Fendi bag too.

For the shoes, I would say no to the booties. I mean it could work but I would go with a peep toe pump instead. It will give you the height and make your legs look longer (since you won’t be showing a lot of leg.)

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